Peace baby!

I went on vacation with some college friends this summer and one of my friends had on a cute shirt with an appliqued peace sign done in this fabric.  Of course I thought….I can make that!  So, I did.  I found the exact fabric on my friend’s shirt on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I bought the tshirt (on sale) at Old Navy.

For the shirt, I did a reverse applique.  It was very easy!!  I used this tutorial from That Darn Kat.

I love the way this looks.  I have seen similar shirts in the CWD Kids catalog.  Sorry, I couldn’t find an example to link.

For the skirt, I made a 3 tier skirt with an elastic waist.  There are lots of tutorials for these types of skirts on the web.  Just search tiered skirt tutorial.



Have a great day!!